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Hospitality Solution

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the hospitality industry. It changes how leisure services gather data, interface with users and automate processes. IoT can also bring an explosion of cybersecurity threats, as the proliferation of sensors and connected devices greatly expands the network attack surface. Contained, it can help you embrace smart devices, in-room technology, and automated building systems.


The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to transform the hospitality industry by profoundly altering how hotels, resorts, cruise ships, casinos, restaurants, and other leisure service businesses gather data, interface with users and automate processes. IoT refers to the networking of physical objects through the use of embedded sensors, actuators and other devices that can collect and transmit information about real-time activities in an environment. When IoT is combined with technologies such as user mobility and data analytics, it brings a new paradigm in hospitality.

Health Care Solution

The Healthcare industry remains among the fastest to adopt the Internet of Things. The reason for this trend is that integrating IoT features into medical devices greatly improves the quality and effectiveness of service, bringing especially high value for the elderly, patients with chronic conditions, and those requiring constant supervision.


Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled devices has made remote monitoring in the healthcare sector possible, unleashing the potential to keep patients safe and healthy, and empowering physicians to deliver superlative care. It has also increased patient engagement and satisfaction as interactions with doctors have become easier and more efficient. Furthermore, remote monitoring of patient’s health helps in reducing the length of hospital stay and prevents re-admissions. IoT also has a major impact on reducing healthcare costs significantly and improving treatment outcomes.

FNB & Retail Solution

In a just-in-time retail reality with cost pressures, it’s crucial that processes are optimized and here the IoT is an enabler and a cost saver. This isn’t only the case in the context of the retailer who sits at the end of a supply chain. In an increasingly converged retail reality, goods also need to be shipped to the consumer, if they aren’t bought in a physical store, and here as well the Internet of Things plays a role in retail logistics. With new developments in areas, which sound more futuristic than they really are, such as drone deliveries, new opportunities arise in this regard as well.


Expectations with regards to customer experience, service, speed, and efficiency play a far more important role for today’s channel-agnostic and connected, mobile consumer. While logistics can play a key role in meeting these demands and providing better customer experience and service (for instance by using track and trace with full visibility for the impatient consumer), there are many other areas where the Internet of Things can help enhance the customer experience as we’ll cover. From digital signage and self-checkout to smart mirrors: they all can play a role.

Smart Living Solution

Our IoT solutions create a profound impact on the quality of lives of users by providing them utmost comfort. Users can control or manage every device and give commands through a unified and simplified app. Our advanced automation solution for enterprises helps in connecting people, processes and systems to build better intelligent infrastructure and connected ecosystem.


We build smart homes by integrating all the existing devices and appliances to establish an ecosystem connected wirelessly via the Internet.ControlAny brings your imagination to reality by delivering efficient and cost-effective IoT based solutions for home automation.

Educational Institution

Technology has changed the world of education. From the use of tablets in the classroom to the innovative learning process of open universities, education has transformed the way we lead life. However, these progressions are negligible compared to the mass revolution that is happening in the education world due to the application ofInternet of Things (IoT).


The advent of IoT in education will also lead to the development of IoT-powered whiteboards. These whiteboards can be connected to a computer and provide an interactive display that can be operated with a finger, pen, or stylus. Such whiteboards will also record all the notes taken in a class. Additionally, classrooms can include smart microphones that can understand when a professor is announcing homework assignments and make updates to students’ planners based on the due date.

Customized Smart Systems

The internet of things (IoT) can connect the enormous offline world with people through the Internet. To achieve this, developed sensors are used to collect data from connected smart objects in the physical world. The gathered data are then uploaded into the cloud and become big data. These data are then integrated and utilized for the development of intelligent systems. Therefore, the IoT is one of the core technologies that is driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Moreover, intelligent systems are continually being developed to process big data through the IoT. One of the special characteristics of these intelligent processing-based services and products is the capacity for customization and personalization. Consequently, new and potent values can now be created in smart systems using smart technologies, including the IoT, for a dynamic smart world.

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