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Designing for the Internet of Things (IoT) is the designing of connected products. IoT systems combine physical and digital components that collect data from physical devices and deliver actionable, operational insights. These components include physical devices, sensors, data extraction, and secured communication, gateways, cloud servers, analytics, and dashboards.


To validate the design and ensure there are no gaps in the data flows or use cases, teams can leverage an IoT simulator. With IoT simulation, a digital prototype of the designed system allows companies to visualize system behavior and mistake-proof the logic ahead of development.


Maargga’s Internet of Things (IoT) consulting practice is designed to assist clients to reimagine their online presence, business processes and overall impact in the digital space. Reimagining for real results.


As an IoT consulting firm, for us, it is all about collaboration and solutions. Our clients look to us for ideas, and we deliver them, both on smaller projects and larger ones, ultimately demonstrating how you will improve your ROI and get tangible business benefits.


Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing the electronics industry. With more and more applications adapting IoT, it is important for the engineers of today to get acquainted with this technology. To help you with the same, Circuit Digest provides you with a large collection of free IoT projects for you to learn and recreate.


Our list of IoT projects brings the internet of things concept to reality through proven demonstrations. IoT or internet of things is an upcoming technology that makes use of the internet to control/monitor electronic/mechanical devices, automobiles and other physical devices connected to the internet.

After Care

The Internet of Things has already changed the world. It influences both the way we live and our work. Today, as Broadband Internet is available and affordable almost everywhere, and Wi-Fi capabilities and sensors have been built into a wide range of devices and gadgets, the penetration of wearables and smartphones is soaring. All these aspects have cleared a path for the IoT in the everyday lives of people and in numerous sectors of the economy, including healthcare.


Moreover, there is increasing consciousness and engagement of consumers with regards to their health, demand for remote and home possibilities keeps growing, various healthcare ecosystem players come up with novel approaches and partnerships; and healthcare expenditure reduction remains the main goal, along with better quality care. A more integrated and IoT-enabled eHealth approach proves essential in all these areas.

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