Maargga technologies can help you to consult, design, deploy and maintain your sophisticated smart technology needs. Our team has excellent case studies of successfully deployed and delivered projects all over Middle East and India.

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Home Office Automation

We are an Internet of Things (IoT) innovator. Our technologies blur the edges between smart cities, connected properties, and enterprise-level solutions; designed to fit both commercial and residential applications. We provide a multi-tier next generation of controlling, monitoring, reacting and real-time reporting enabling the building block for Smart Grid integration through highly flexible hardware and software deployments for more future-proof technological demands.


Our solutions appreciate property value, differentiate it from its surroundings and enhance the lives of its users. We provide quality products, high ethical standards, world-class architecture, technical consultancy and passion for innovation. We strive to create win-win scenarios for all stakeholders throughout the project’s lifecycle via state-of-the-art technology, innovation, leadership, and partnerships.

Smart Office & Office Automation

Smart Home & Home Automation

Smart Hospitality Solutions

Smart Retail Solution

Premises Security

Premises security is a significant element in daily life for everyone. We design, deploy and aftercare to ensure the security and protect your office/home premises.

Access Control Solution

Face Recognition Access

Surveillance Solution

Bio Matric Attendance

Home access control solution

Hospitality Access Control

Audio Visual

Maargga helps organizations convey their messages clearly by empowering customers, suppliers, partners, and staff through the intelligent use of Audiovisual solutions. We do this by providing a wide range of audiovisual solutions which, while technologically advanced, we ensure are simple to use.


We have experience in designing and deploying video collaboration from standalone systems to the seamless integration of video into the most complex business and residence environments. Our audiovisual installations improve the performance, reduce operation costs and support climate sparing policies.

Bgm & pagins system

Retail audio solutions

Ballroom solutions

Home audio solutions

Meeting room audio

Distributed audio

Digital Signage

Digital signage is always more than just signage, it is a powerful and significant medium to announce and interact with your customer in a smartest and innovative way. Technologies are used to things to become easier and accurate in case of commercial concept. If you use the rite technology in rite place the result will be guaranteed. Maargga technologies can help you to design and deploy appropriate signage solution to your commercial needs.


Digital signage networks are a great option for advertisers who want to target consumers on the go. Digital signage networks are popping up everywhere…airports, arenas, train stations, gas stations, doctor’s offices and more.Maargga has an executed and delivered number of digital signage projects and digital smart networks which is stand alone and cloud-based signage screens, Video walls and LED profiles.

Supermarket Smart Signage Solution

Cloud bases Signage Solutions

Retail Signage Solution

Video Wall & LED Screens


We’re equipping enterprises to seize the immense opportunities in a world where people and things are always connected, and a world where the old barriers of networks and borders simply no longer apply.


The mobility industry is fast developing to alter the way that people commute in the 21st century. In addition to providing cost-effective mobility options, a cooperative and collaborative transportation system is slowly but steadily falling into place, the major factor being the Internet of Things.

Lighting Control Solution

Our lighting control solutions enable sophisticated design and advanced features to commercial and residential needs. We provide from Distributed Controls, Day Lighting Controls, Wireless Controls, Dimmers, Lighting Profile Controls, Scheduled Controls, Occupancy / Presence Controls, Dependency Controls and many more.

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